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Registered Professional Counsellor

Kelowna, BC


Janice Selbie

While some changes in life are happy milestones, others can lead to despair. Guiding people through loss, change, and growth is what I’m all about. Using compassion and gentle humor combined with my own education and experience, I help clients navigate the challenges of life. Together, we can add skills related to communication, understanding, self-compassion, and resilience to your tool box.

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  • Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC)

  • Religious Recovery Coach/Consultant

  • Founder: Conference on Religious Trauma

  • Host: Divorcing Religion Podcast


My approach is person-centered (Rogerian) and existential, at times including inner child work. This involves deep listening, empathy, and a firm belief that my clients have the capacity to reach their own potential. With me, you will find encouragement and support; a safe space to connect the dots and move forward with your life.

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